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When I moved to the USA in 2008, I realized I didn’t belong.

On a typical day, I would wake up at 4:30a.m., be ready by 5:30a.m. so I could ride with my sister and catch the 6:20a.m. train. I would then get off at the last stop, take the…

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland 2015.

By Cesar Romero

8 Rewards Your Job Should Offer in 2016

If your job is not giving you these 7 rewards in 2016, it’s time to stop and reconsider what you are doing.

-Challenge and Responsibility

I encourage you to take on more challenges and responsibilities (personally and professionally) that are going to push you outside your comfort zone and help…

Cesar Romero

Community strategist helping entrepreneurs and startups leverage the power of community to maximize revenue and brand loyalty | Ivy Podcast host

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